February 2022 Trading Review

Mar 2, 2022

This month's article will be short. I still suck at trading, but I'm working my ass off to learn and improve. My P/L result is not signalling that I've learnt to trade. I'm still undergoing my FTMO and CTI challenges.

It took 3 years for my mentor to become consistently profitable. Most people don't make it at all. One guy told me he's been trading for 8 years and still not profitable.

The thing is that you have to be constantly learning and adapting your approach until your P/L shows that you've made it. It's not bad strategy or bad luck, it's simply lack of knowledge, experience, discipline, patience and never ending battles with inner demons.

If you don't learn you can trade for 20 years and still lose. It's a war but in financial arena. It forces men to become the best what they can. My mentor is the strongest man I know because he learnt to trade by himself. Don't underestimate how incredibly hard it is.

Now the only thing I hope is that it will take less time for me to master the game. Because I'm leveraging  his 17 years of experience.

Other than that it's a constant uphill battle. Every day I'm tearing the bullshit in my head apart, slapping and punching myself to become the best version of me. Every day I'm finding a new area to focus on and improve.

So nothing to brag about last month. Stay tuned.

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