Power Of Prayer In Trading

Dec 11, 2023

For the last month I was doing prayer as part of my morning preparation routine for trading. 

Now you probably thought that the way I do it is I ask God to send me a 100K to my trading account today, I believe it with full heart while I spend my day at the beach and then I go to ATM at 5pm. Well, let me disappoint you, it's a bit different than that.

First of all, I believe that asking God for money means you're chasing money. By laws of nature, what you chase you're pushing it away from yourself. So that's not a good idea. It never worked for me, not just in trading but in overall.

In professional trading, making money is a side-effect of being a great trader. Yes it sounds counter-intuitive, but the primary purpose of professional trading is not to make money. The purpose is to be a good analyst and decision maker. Because if you focus primarily on making money, you will get consumed and defeated by greed and fear.

So what I ask for in my prayer? I ask for emotional strength, psychological balance, inner calmness. Why? Because only with this state of mind you can see reality as it actually is. And only then you can be a good analyst and decision maker. And the good thing is that I have observed that this prayer does actually work. Because it's not about asking for some unrealistic things to happen that are beyond your control. But it's about taking lead and expressing direction to your mind and body. If your mind and body know where you want to go then you can all work together in harmony.

I don't see prayer as part of a religious ritual. I do not belong to any religion and I do not pray for a "certain" God of a certain religion. I see the main creative force behind all creations in this Universe as the Ultimate Creator. But it's not somewhere THERE and it's not a 100 million miles away. It is there inside of us, inside of every living cell of our bodies, plants, animals, oceans, rivers, skies, galaxies, etc. There's no division between me and HIM. Every one of us IS the Ultimate Creator, but not everyone understands it (yet).

So when I am praying, I am essentially praying to myself because the Creative Force is happening through me and I'm both the creator and spectator at the same time. And since this force is there and it's intelligent, it will listen to everything that comes out of your heart. 

Therefore, if you feel like you were trying to change certain parts of your behaviour in trading for a long time without successs, try praying to alter your habits. Also, if you feel unwanted emotions while you're trading, perhaps those that are harming your health as well (like extreme anger), try praying to improve your composure.

But remember - your prayer has to come out of your heart, don't let your greed and ego talk because it will be fruitless. Do it sincerely and you will see results.

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