2 Years Of Trading On The Professional Side - What Did I Learn?

Oct 20, 2023

September marked my 2 years of trading on the professional side of the forex market. What did I learn during this time?

  1. Truth is never obvious.
  2. Conventional wisdom (thoughts of the masses) is almost always wrong.
  3. Eagles fly alone.
  4. There's only one correct way of trading the forex market.
  5. Never try to justify your trading decision. If you're justifying - decision was bad, it's mandatory to cancel it.
  6. Don't go too far searching for opportunities in the market. When the time will come, they will pop up in your eyes.
  7. Every sentence about profitability, posted in public, will attract at least three sentences of resentment from the readers.
  8. Most traders think they know what they're doing, but in fact it's not true. Most of them will never admit it.
  9. In the financial world, lies are not accidental. Professional lying is a business strategy, therefore everything new that you hear must be acknowledged as a lie, while the truth should be pursued between the lines.
  10. The more you enjoy life, the easier your trading will be. The less you care about your personal life, the harder it will be to trade.
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