My name is Tomas Vyšniauskas, I am a professional forex trader and the creator of TraderWise. Outside of the trading world people usually called me a "web developer". :)

It would be a mistake to say that I created this resource out of pure wish to help other people. It wasn't. I initially built the trading journal app just because I couldn't find any solution that would fit my own needs exactly! But then I thought why just keep it to myself - let's share it with the world.

When it comes to the tools, blog articles and lessons that I provide - these were crafted mainly as a pure gift to other traders. On the other hand, it's also good for me to dump my brain on paper from time to time.

I wanted to keep this place different. There are so many scammers and con artists on the internet who pretend to be traders but their main business is actually teaching. Besides that, what they're teaching is pure crap that can be found on youtube for free. I'm not making any money from my trading journal app, I'm also not making money out of my blog or my FX Achiever (the 10% trading psychology) course. These are all provided for free and I have built it only during my spare time, because most of my focus and energy goes into being a good trader. Teaching business will never bring more income than actual professional trading and I'm not here to build a teaching business.

Learning to trade for me was a very rough ride with a lot of ups and downs and two account blow ups. However, after 11 years of struggles I was blessed to meet a true professional trader who was making a living from forex trading for almost two decades and he definitely didn't need to teach me. He was already semi-retired, trading mostly part time and taking ample holidays. But out of good heart he taught me all of what he knows about trading the professional side of the forex market. Of course I paid for his time and I wouldn't ever want to get such information for free. But what I received was worth a gazillion times more than I paid. Because it changed me and my trading forever. In just a year I reached a breakthrough and became a consistently profitable trader. 

But if you're an aspiring trader you need to understand that professional trading is not for everyone. It's the hardest job in the world where you can go from highest highs to lowest lows in just a few trades. It's far from what advertisements will tell you. They tell you that you can develop a nice mechanical strategy with a 2:1 reward/risk by backtesting and forward testing and you will become rich very soon. It's the biggest horse shit that was ever created in the retail trading world. Professional trading is not even close to that. Professional trading is based on the real understanding of how the forex market actually works and using that understanding to make informed, well crafted trades. 

So that's why I didn't want to create a popular forex trading course and become a "guru" because professional traders can't reveal their strategy to everyone in the public (because it works!), and also because the masses don't want to hear the truth anyway. All they are looking for is immediate gratification, quick salvation from their financial desperation. They want shortcuts, easy and mechanical trading methods that they can use in their spare time off work. That is a fantasy and I didn't want to make money selling fantasies. There are very few people on Earth who take forex trading seriously and they're the ones who become consistently profitable through their blood and sweat and are able to enjoy an incredible lifestyle. 

If I met just one serious guy per year who actually wants to learn from me about how to trade forex professionally - I'd be more than happy already. If you want it, you know what you need to do. I'm not here to hard sell you anything and make you feel better about your life. When you actually want it you go for it and there's no double thinking. If you're in doubt then you don't want it and there's nobody who can help you out.

In my blog I share valuable lessons that I learned from my trading. You won't find anything in there about how I trade exactly because I would be stupid if I revealed it. But what you will find there are little bits and pieces of wisdom and if you connect all the dots together you can already become a fairly successful trader even without becoming my student. But most likely you won't read the blog, because you're too lazy. You want your nice looking retail course filled with pictures of boobs and Ferraris, all at a great discount priced just at $29.99 until midnight. But most likely you won't even admit it to yourself that you're looking for shortcuts. You want to win the war without fighting. That won't happen my dear reader. And that's why most people who call themselves "traders" will never become successful. 

My trading journal app is free of charge as well. But people are too lazy to use it. They sign up but most of them don't use it. I don't look into users trades but I see the stats how much they actually use the journal. The stats are hopeless. Most "traders" have no idea what they're doing in the trading world. This tool helped me improve as a trader, a lot. I highly recommend it. Until you've become consistently profitable, logging your trades in the journal and doing analysis is incredibly helpful and it's stupid not to do it. 

So that's me and my story. Always a bit sad about the current state of trading world and its education industry, but on the other hand all that we have is exactly what we need to have. Without it, trading wouldn't be the best self development school in the world. Now it is. And I'm thankful for that. And through TraderWise I intend to help some of you, the most serious guys, who feel deep inside that they want to become the heroes and true masters of their life. If you're this guy, feel free to reach out to me. It's always great to talk to like-minded people. I know you're there but you're staying silent most of the time, like I did in the past. Only the dogs are barking in public and what they bark about me is pure horse shit that doesn't hold any truth. Those dogs don't know me, they haven't met me, they haven't learned from me, they don't have a desire to become professional traders and they are simply drowning in their made up fantasy world about who I am. They feel much better in the world of illusions and the truth is too painful for them - so they bark, so that the serious guys like you couldn't hear my true voice (and your own voice too). But if you're a true soldier you will kill those dogs because you want to become a hero. And you will succeed.

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