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Automate your trading journal with the help of TraderWise's Journal platform. TraderWise connects with your Metatrader platform through Expert Advisor which automatically syncs your trade data.

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Trade Images

Trade images magically captured for each trade

Chart images captured easily for every trade. Your trading journal becomes a living record of your trades. See the chart image with every trade so you know exactly where and why you took the trade. Your trading won't be disturbed - image sync runs only when you allow.

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Stats & Filters

Know how far you've come

Your total gross & net profit, pips, lots, trades won & lost - easily access these stats for any given period. Pre-selected date filters (today, yesteday, etc.). Filter by tags to gain deeper insights.

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Trades List

See key facts about your trades in a glance

Easily access core information about your trades: symbol, direction, lot size, entry/exit time & price, stop loss & take profit levels, pips, gross and net profit. It looks even neater than in your trading terminal!

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Trade Tags

Tag your trades with meaningful tags

Finding common patterns between trades is essential to trader's success. However, it's hard to remember all of your trades. Adding a tag to your trade helps you find hidden links between your successful and unsuccessful trades.

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Trade Comments

Easily add your trade comments

All your journaled trades may have comments. Write about the market sentiment, setup, price action, or how well it worked with your strategy.

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Start Journaling Your Trades

See exactly where, when, and why you traded. All your trades and chart images magically synced to your trading journal.

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