My name is Tomas Vyšniauskas, I am a consistently profitable trader in the Forex market and I offer two types of training:

  • Non-strategy training - the missing 10% component to a trader's success,
  • Strategy training - the core 90% component - how to trade the professional side of the forex market.

FX Achiever

The 10% non-strategy course delivered as a self-learning material

  • Achieving your full potential
  • Becoming your own brain surgeon
  • Goal setting the right way
  • Treating your trading as a business
  • Taking yourself seriously
  • What exactly is the difference between John and Peter who had the same trading education but got opposite results?
  • How to develop a consistently perceptive mind
  • Living with your trades & caring for your results
  • Developing your scaling plan
  • ... and more!

Advanced Price Action Training

The 90% core forex trading course delivered 1-on-1 during live market conditions

  • What are the "retail" and "professional" sides of the market
  • How to actually trade the professional side of the market
  • How to read the chart correctly
  • Who are the main participants of the market and how to identify their actions
  • How to trade using professional knowledge of how the market works instead of probability models
  • How to understand where the price is going and trade with 99% confidence
  • How to trade with a professional, clearly defined strategy that actually works in all market conditions
  • ... and more!
To receive more details, email me at [email protected]
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