Trade Review Service

If you're a forex day trader and if you'd like a second opinion on your trades, then you can use my trade review service at no cost. This service covers the following situations:

  • You're seeing a potential entry coming soon and you'd like my opinion if that's an actually good setup and where to set your TP and SL;
  • You're in a live trade and you'd like my opinion about where or when to exit this trade;
  • You'd like to receive guidance on how to improve as a trader based on your trades history (provide a recent account statement in this case);

This service is provided 1-on-1 via Telegram chat free of charge. Important rules to keep in mind:

  • Limit your communication to one message at a time, don't spam, don't just say "hi" to check if I'm online - meaningless messages will be ignored;
  • I will only reply if I can. If I'm currently awaiting an entry or managing a trade of my own, I will reply only when I'm done with my work. Be patient and don't send me any follow up messages;
  • Do not write me any off-topic messages, do not call me and do not ask for trade ideas;
  • Do not overuse the service, be modest and respectful;
  • My current trading hours are 8:00-11:30 and 13:00-17:00, Lithuania time. If your message is time-sensitive, do not contact me during off-hours as I will not reply;
  • If you don't respect the rules above you will be blocked permanently;

If you'd like me to review your setup, trade, or trading history and if you agree to the rules, then click here to contact me on Telegram.

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