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Learning to trade takes many years. If you're trading forex but haven't reached consistent profitability yet, you can still make money while you're learning thanks to TraderWise Signals.

Busy People

If you'd love to become a professional trader one day but you're currently too busy with your job or business, TraderWise Signals have you covered.

Diversified Investors

Perhaps you have no interest in learning to trade forex and all you want is just some exposure to this market for your diversified investment portfolio? No problem, TraderWise Signals will help you.

Meet Tomas Vyšniauskas (Cherry), the provider of signals service.

I am a professional forex trader, founder of TraderWise and The Trident Capital - professional capital management service.

I always wanted to help as many people as possible to become financially independent, and that's why I created forex signals service as well.

Being fully aware that signals service gives you the easiest, low-barrier way to start in forex, I am confident that it will help you achieve your financial goals.

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You copy my trades. I do the rest.

I deliver my signals via Telegram & TraderWise Dashboard. This is an exact feed of my personal live account. When I see an opportunity to trade, I will send it to you within 15 minutes.

  • Low minimum capital requirement.
  • You retain control of your account, LPOA signing not needed.
  • No need to have professional understanding of FX market.
  • Stay with your current broker.

Finally, A Genuine Forex Signals Service Has Arrived.

This service is free of charge. Have you seen a better offer?!


My Trading Style

I am primarily a day trader working 5 days per week on lower timeframe charts, taking up to 10 trades per week on average.

  • My active trading hours: 7am-4pm (GMT). Can be different depending on market conditions.
  • Majority of my trades close within a couple of days.
  • If you have limited access to market during these hours then contact me for alternative solutions.
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How It Works

Sign up and you will receive instructions on how to connect to my signals channel on TraderWise Dashboard.

You will be able to setup live Telegram notifications to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Telegram is a secure, open source, creator-owned messaging app.

You need to know how to open and close a trade and how to set take profit and stop loss levels on your trading terminal. That is very easy to do and no further skills are needed.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident you will be satisfied with my service, otherwise I wouldn't offer this guarantee.

This is a real time, live market signals service that is based on my deep professional understanding of how the forex market works.

It is very unlikely that my signals would generate a negative monthly profitability, but if it ever happens - I will refund your subscription fee for that month.

Proof Of My Trading Ability

Click on the trading statement picture to enlarge.

Is There A Catch..?

Before launching this service, I had a strong belief that I will never ever reveal my trades to the public. I even announced it on my blog.

But one day it dawned on me... My mission is to enrich the world, after all. And we, as souls, are here to do what we love the most, at any price, and don't do anything that we don't like, at any price. Because living this way brings us the most inspiring challenges that serve us in our path of spiritual development to the greatest extent.

So after long consideration I decided: Scrap it, let's do it.

(Most Likely) The Best Signals Service In The Market

Let's recap the advantages.

Earn Without Professional Knowledge

Make use of my professional trading experience without actually having to become a professional trader yourself. If all you want is clicking buy/sell without thinking much - that's totally OK.

Be Supported On Your Journey

If you have any issues on the technical or psychological side, I'm always here to support you and guide you in the right direction. I've been there, done that and you can trust me.

Profit While You Learn

If you're on the way to becoming a professional trader, you know how long it takes. You spend many years without any income, if not losses! Make money by copying my signals while you're still developing yourself as a professional trader and prolong your financial runway.

Live (Delayed) Signals

The signals are delayed only for 15 minutes. There's also a possibility to benefit from realtime stream once you've become comfortable with my trades.

Low Cost Solution

Learning to trade professionally costs €10,000 - €50,000 in education and lost capital costs. Spending just one day trading with another professional trader can cost even more than €50,000. My signals service is your free gateway to the professional world of FX trading.

Try Without Risk

Feel free to try out my signals on a demo account for as long as you wish. No need to risk any money before you've become fully comfortable.

Happy Woman

Suitability By Timezones

Most of my signals will come from early morning to midday. That's a great motivator to get up early, trade, and then enjoy the rest of your day. If you can't dedicate these hours you can still trade on the go with your phone. If that is not possible for you as well, contact me for a personalised alternative solution.
Bonjour! That is the best timezone to be for trading, because European/African daytime coincides with the most active FX market hours and it's also when I trade myself. You don't need to adjust your waking hours. However, if you're busy at work or on the move you can still trade on your phone, or alternatively contact me for a bespoke solution that will suit your needs 100%.
Ni Hao & Namaste! Most of my signals will come from midday to late evening. You can work on your most important priorities in the morning and then dedicate the rest of the day to trading. If you're on the move or at work you can still trade from your phone. If that's not possible the contact me for a personalised alternative solution - I'll get you sorted!
How ya goin' mate? Most of my signals will be delivered from afternoon to midnight or a bit later. If you're busy working during the day then it's the perfect timezone to be, as you can dedicate your after-work hours for trading! However, if you have different arrangements and can't make it then contact me for a bespoke alternative solution.


UPDATE: The service is now free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Other important information that you need to know.

Is this service limited?

No, there are no limits.

How exactly do you trade?

It's easier to see than to describe. Just try it out, it doesn't cost anything.

How do TraderWise Notifications work?

Notifications are delivered via Telegram - a private and secure messaging app. You will get access to the signals feed on TraderWise's internal dashboard, where you will also be able to set up notifications delivered directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet device. Setup is easy, takes just a few clicks and less than a minute, no technical knowledge is needed. Notifications are delivered natively via Telegram's notification service, so you don't need to install any additional software besides the Telegram app.

How many signals I will receive?

I take up to 10 trades per week, on average. Some days I don't take trades at all, because I focus on quality rather than quantity. Be patient. What matters most is how many pips you've made at the end of the month, quarter and year.

What is the minimum capital requirement?

Depends on your risk. I advise 0.01 lot per 250 EUR for the start as a low risk approach, and if you feel comfortable you may increase that up to 0.03 or 0.04 lot after some time. If you use 0.01 lot, then 250 EUR is your minimum capital because 0.01 lot is the smallest size available. If you opt for 4x risk, then it's 62 EUR at 0.01 lot.

Why is it free?

It's because the signals are delayed by 15 minutes. But it's still possible to make money with them. There's also a possibility to benefit from realtime stream by using my copy service.

Can I see your track record?

Yes, you can do so by visiting my MyFxBook page.

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