Ask yourself these questions...

Do you know what are the retail and professional sides of Forex market?

Do you know who are the actual participants of this market and how to identify their actions?

Can you read the chart correctly (from the professional perspective)?

Are you able to know where the price is going and trade it with a high degree of probability?

Do you have a professional, clearly defined strategy that works in all market conditions?

Do you actually make money consistently in Forex market week in, week out?

If you answered "no" to any of the questions above it's not too bad. The worst thing is that many traders believe they have the answers and they know how to trade when in fact they don't. And they learn from gurus who also think they know how to trade when in fact they have no clue. It's a vicious cycle that leads to a dead end.

Are you tired of being scammed, fooled, messed around? Just look at those popular Forex gurus. Do you think they actually spend their days trading from 9am to 5pm like myself? With all of their lavish lifestyles that they advertise on social media, it's impossible that they would have time left to do actual full time professional trading. The only reason they have created their training courses is because they need your money to fund their lifestyles...

And what do they teach? 80 hours of videos? Really? After you're done watching those 80 hours of content, I guarantee you will be more confused than before you started. Besides, video training can be faked. They can cherry pick the setups they want to show you because it all happened in the past already. Do you think they don't do that? Don't be so naive. I used to be naive too. But now I understand how much lies are there in the financial industry. These people don't lie "just because it happens as they're humans" - professional lying straight in your face is their actual business strategy!

And when you fail with their strategy, they tell you that you have problems with psychology, because according to them "trading is 90% psychology". Which is complete rubbish! Trading is NOT 90% psychology. To make money trading, you need an actual professional knowledge of how your market works and you also need to be able to predict its actions with a high degree of probability. Trading is 90% professional knowledge and experience, and only 10% psychology.

Also, you don't learn to trade from videos or PDFs. You can only learn trading by studying the live market and taking real trading actions while your mentor is watching you. Yes, during live market conditions! Most of the gurus would never do that because they couldn't hide that way. In live market conditions, it would become obvious that they don't have any clue about how to trade.

I offer 1-on-1 training and mentoring during live market conditions. I have nothing to hide. My trading is based on my professional understanding of how the forex market works and I only take trades when I know where the price is going with a highest degree of probability and I trade only the professional side of the market. That's all you need to be making consistent pips week in week out.

Where did I get my professional knowledge of forex market? I have been given this expertise by another professional trader (not one of those popular gurus, but an actual trader) who had 18 years of forex experience and 30 years of trading experience overall, and needless to say he is still making a good income from forex trading. These guys don't advertise, they don't need your money and they don't have any pre-recorded courses to sell (thankfully). It's you who have to find them.

And since you've found me, it's up to you to decide if you're going to sign up for my 1-on-1 live training course. No pressure. I don't need you as a student and I want to work only with dedicated people, because it's an enormous time expense for me and missed opportunities in trading. If you'd like to receive more details about course content, length and pricing, contact me at [email protected]

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