Candle Close Alerter

Alert Yourself before the candle closes. Based on time, not ticks.

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Finally, The Alerter Which Actually Works!

Customizable & Trustworthy

  • INDICATOR. Plays a sound 1-59 seconds before a candle close and displays local time on the chart.
  • Guaranteed to play exactly on time, because it's based on actual local time, not on ticks coming from broker.
  • Many other tools out there are based on ticks - meaning that alert is fired only after a tick is received. If you want alert to play 10 seconds before candle close, but the next tick comes just 3 seconds before candle close - it will play only then and it will be too late for you to make a trading decision.
  • Customizable: Set how many seconds (1-59) before candle close it should play an alert.
  • Set your own alert sound.
  • Displays local time on the chart (if you enable this feature).
  • Font family, color, position is customizable for the time display.
  • Available for MT4 & MT5, free of charge.
  • P.S. Ensure that your computer is not overloaded. Otherwise, alerts may still lag.
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