Chart History Loader

Loads Chart History For Chosen Symbol & Timeframe Quickly.

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Tired Of Manual Scrolling..?

Sit Back, Relax And Watch Your History Coming In!

  • SCRIPT. This script allows you to load chart history for a certain symbol and timeframe quickly.
  • Useful on lower timeframes (M1, M5, M15) where you want to check something that happened a few months ago and you're tired of scrolling the chart manually.
  • Open the chart with a certain symbol and timeframe and run the script. It opens additional chart of the same symbol and timeframe, scrolls through the history and closes the chart when done.
  • In that way, your work progress on the current chart is not ruined.
  • Warning: It might look like the script has crashed and nothing is happening, but it's not true - the script is working. Be patient. This behaviour is a limitation of MetaTrader platform which I can't overcome.
  • Customizable: you may customize the "max loop count" parameter. The bigger the number, the longer the script will run. 1 loop is 1000 bars.
  • Default value is 200 loops, meaning that the script will scroll up to a maximum of 200 000 bars, if available. This is more than enough for most cases, and also protects your MT terminal from crashing.
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