May 2022 Trading Review

Jun 3, 2022

Failed the CTI challenge too. Continuing to trade on my micro account. It's not good yet, but I had a small win - my first profitable week. It was just 5 pips of profit though. A long way to improve! I'll be quite happy when I reach 100-300 pips per week.

I'm waiting for my trip to the UK which will happen within 11 days. I'll stay there for 5 days and we'll have 2 days of 1-on-1 physical learning time with my teacher (8 hours in total), which is great. He'll teach me the remaining part of his strategies, will go over the things that I'm doing wrong and will of course trade with him.

I noticed that I skip a lot of details. Just this week a few important things from the strategy rules popped out from my notes. I asked my teacher if these are correct and apparently they weren't. So I was living with something for 8 months and I never bothered to ask. That's the price I'm paying for my lack of attention to details.

But hey everyone is going their own unique path. The end of the road is the same for all the winners - I'll become rich from trading by killing all the suckers out there in the market. But what issues you have to work on while reaching the destination is unique for everyone. I'm grateful for mine. Most importantly, I'm moving forward and am ready to invest ever increasing amounts into education and business.


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