September 2022 Trading Review

Sep 30, 2022

3 profitable months in a row! This month I returned to my beloved trading style and made 1.8% profit, or 138 pips. For the first 5 days of the month I was still trading with another approach that wasn't suitable to me and made 5.7% loss. Starting from the 6th of September I returned to my style and from then I never had a losing day anymore and made 7.5% profit through the rest of September. So had I returned to my style at the 1st day of the month, it would have been over 7.5% monthly profit.

The "my" style I'm referring to is how I traded during July (when I made 18% profit). But this time I'm trading with more patience and I select better setups. Thus I'm making less trades - instead of 10+ a day I make a few or even no trades in a given day, and as a result I make less pips as well. But my position sizing is larger because I'm much more confident about my trades now since I wait only for the best setups. All of my trades were smooth and took just 30-60min to reach TP, and the longest was 4 hours. I didn't have any losing trades. That's the power of patience and high probability trading.

An important note - my personal style is just my way of using my mentor's trading strategies. For the last few months I never traded outside of my mentor's trading strategies. It's just about which strategies specifically I select and what kind of targets I take. I don't intend to create any new methods because I was given everything that I need to make profit in the market. There's only one way to trade the professional side of the market with profitability, so no need to reinvent the bicycle. All of my previous attempts ended up with failure - thankfully - because I can now sit with calmness and patience and just enjoy banking pips.

Today is a big celebration to me because I've achieved 3 profitable months in a row. A year ago this goal seemed so far away. And now I'm stepping up into the world of consistent profitability. I'm doing monthly deposits to my trading account and will also start with prop challenges soon again. The idea is to trade my personal account with aggressive position sizing for maximum growth and use a few times smaller position sizing on prop accounts to avoid breaching their drawdown rules. And use prop income to fund my personal account faster. The first goal is to achieve €100.000 balance. Without prop income, I see it's possible to achieve it within 15 months. With prop income I can reduce the waiting time to about 8-11 months.

If you're a struggling trader then feel free to reach out to me and I can teach you how to trade the professional side of the forex market. I have never done this before but I feel like after a year of full time trading with my teacher's method I can already start teaching it. We've agreed on the license with him and if you happen to be my first student I can give you a discount.

Cheers and happy trading.

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