About lies and truth

Nov 11, 2023

Daily trading in the financial markets taught me to carefully study every person who is talking in public or to me directly. Every person has an agenda behind why he's speaking, and your knowing of that agenda is more important than the content of the speech itself. In the financial markets, lying is not an accidental thing - it's a business strategy. There's so much lying that the one who understands that and tries to explain truth automatically becomes a "liar" in the eyes of the society. Because the society perceives the world of professional lying as the truth. And since it's the licensed and educated people who are lying, how can you not listen :) In order for you to understand how much lying is out there, I will say that you can complete an entire university course and don't hear a tiny bit of truth. You can watch a 1000 videos on youtube and still don't hear a tiny bit of truth. Especially in the world of forex trading, you won't believe it how many times I laugh and facepalm when I watch forex education videos. Of course I do it only for entertainment purposes, when I get bored staring at quiet charts. There's absolutely nothing that I could learn from those videos. It's all lies. There's so much lying that even the people who are lying don't understand that they're lying. They're just repeating the same stuff as they were told by others like parrots, without looking deeper and checking if it's an actual truth. It's called "inversion narrative". This is happening not only in the financial markets, but also in other fields. I don't have a goal to explain truth to the society by means of speaking - it's a pointless job because almost noone wants to listen to the truth. I just like to identify the actions of lying-affected people in the market and make money from that. That way I help them improve. But I'm not a guru as well, I occasionally fool myself and slip down. And then you can laugh at me :) That's the learning process.

Figuring out the truth begins with identification of what interests the speaker has and evaluation if their interests match yours. The actual interests may be hidden underneath multiple layers of lies. You need to look deep, and if it's unclear - just assume by default that there's a conflict of interests and stop your actions until the situation is explained fully.

I will help you by saying that I am nobody's bitch so I speak whatever I want. I don't get paid for blogging or for making videos. It's my blog, hosted on my own website and I post whenever I want. On youtube, I am not in their partnership program so I don't make money from those videos. It's funny how people in the forums assume that I do, but you can just look at how many videos I made and how many views they have. It's almost nothing, because I don't preach any fantasies like others do. It's impossible to make any money with that amount of views.

Now I know some people will assume that because I built the trading journal, I look into people's trades and I make money from that. Well let me point out that my journal EA is one of the few in the market that syncs only historical trades. It never syncs any live trades. It's impossible to make any money from historical trades because it's history already! Besides, I highly doubt that any professional and consistently profitable trader would ever use my journal because they know they can't share their trades with anyone in order to stay under the radar. But even if they did use my EA, it would be extremely hard to understand their strategy and thinking patterns. There's no professional strategy that could be used without professional understanding of how the market works. Professional understanding lives only in people's minds and it comes from thousands of hours of studying and experience. Meaning that no algorithm can ever decode their trading system just by looking at an account statement. And besides, I of course do not look at journal users trades because I have more important stuff to do.

By the way, the journal itself is free of charge. So I don't make any money from that too - meaning that I have no interest to promote it and take your money away!

And finally, you can say that since I have a landing page offering a paid FX training course - that's my true interest of why I speak on this blog and that's how I make my money. Well let me tell you that the pricing of that course is a joke compared to how much effort is needed from me to teach you how to trade. It's a 1-on-1 live trading course, for God's sake. Meaning that I have to stop trading and use my time for a video call or in-person meeting to actually teach you during live market conditions. It's not a freaking PDF or a worthless video course! Thankfully, I haven't taught anyone yet because there's not that many people out there who want real education! Paradoxically, people prefer to be fooled around by the fantasy sellers. And that's fine. My intention was to teach 1 or 2 truly motivated people a year and that's it. So that's enough to prove that I never intended to build a training business. And if I'm going to receive any income from that, it will be only to cover my time which I could have used to make money trading.

So know there's nothing left to blame me for. Now you know that the main thing I do is forex trading. And the main reason I speak is just because I get bored trading and I want to avoid making stupid boredom trades because it costs me €€€! Haha, what a good reason to speak! Is there any conflict between my interests and yours? Well, do your own due diligence and decide for yourself. But I believe there's none! If you believe differently, then let me know and I'll write a follow up blog post, haha!

Have a good day.

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