When bullshit meter goes off

Jan 18, 2024

I thought I had seen enough already, but apparently I was wrong. I was browsing through one of the forums (not trading related) the other day and found a guy who was asking for help in trading. He was trading for a while but couldn't make money so he decided to "crowdsource" advice on what he should do. One guy replied with an obviously AI-generated response. A generic and shallow collection of rehashed tips that the whole internet is flooded with. To my surprise, the original poster replied saying how thankful he was for his response, and how unexpected it was for him to receive such a genuine help from a stranger and that he is definitely going to implement that advice.

Oh my god. I've already grown accustomed to seeing clueless people not realising they're being fed complete bullshit about forex trading. That's OK and if you haven't been in the industry for a while then how can you know what's true and what's not, especially if you're naive like I was in the past. But this was the next level. He didn't even realise that the response was generated by AI.

Now this is beyond my comprehension. What happened to people? They don't have brains anymore? If that's going to continue and if AI is going to improve so that the majority won't be able to tell the difference, then that's the end of internet forums, blogs, social media, etc. I'm already 98% out of that stuff, but really it's a huge concern. It seems that in the future we will only be able to trust real life conversations. And that's not a bad thing after all, because it's returning to roots. But it will be sad to see how the internet got ruined and became unusable.

You really have to start to see the truth if you want to be successful. And not only in trading.

- 99% of the information that you're ever going to find about trading is complete bullshit. It doesn't help you make money in trading at all. 

- 99% of the career advice is complete bullshit. The universities, the job ads, the career couches, the corporate communication, etc. is all bullshit and it won't serve you in becoming wealthy in any way.

- 99% of the information about debt market is complete bullshit. It's only purpose is to make you believe that mortgage and loans is the solution to your problems, when in fact it isn't. If your purpose is to become wealthy, you need to find that 1% of information which is truth. Or figure it out yourself by thinking logically.

- 99% of the information about insurance market is complete bullshit. Most of the insurance products are useless and most of the financial consultants are not who they claim to be. They're salespeople who have their own hidden agenda. 

- 99% of the information about climate change is complete bullshit. It's hilarious how big people's egos are so that they believe they chan actually influence the climate! Thermometer was invented in 1612, it's a mere 400 years ago, while the climate cycles last for tens of thousands of years. We will all be long gone when people will realise that it was a mistake to think that the main cause of this change was our activity, but in the meantime the governments will have profited a lot from this craziness. One example is the carbon tax. I paid 200 euros just for that the last time I bought a car, just because I like cars with strong engines! And this is just Lithuania, one of the cheapest countries in the EU. It's complete insanity.

I could go on and on and on. But one thing is common and you should have realised this already. It's that 99% of information around us is complete bullshit and it's not there for our benefit. At least not for the benefit of wealthy people, or of those who aspire to be wealthy. 

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