Why I trade

Nov 20, 2023

Trading is no different to any other business, craft or job - you need passion to be successful at it, not just desire to make money.

I trade because I love making money out of money, but not just for the sake of making money. You see, although I use the same word "money", these two concepts are different.

You can be a taxi driver because you love giving people a ride and you genuinely appreciate the conversations that you have with your clients, or you can be the guy who hates it but you're doing it just for survival.

Likewise, you can be trading because you love making money out of money, or you may be doing it just for survival.

In both scenarios, if you feel like you're working while you're at work - you're done. You don't have passion for it. Maybe you had it in the past, but not anymore. You're running out of steam and you'll give up.

The hours and effort I've put into trading so far would be beyond comprehension for anyone who doesn't have passion for making money out of money. But in the same way, the hours and effort some people put into playing Runescape is beyond my comprehension as well. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely game and I used to play it some good 15 years ago when I was a teenager. I also understand that it's possible to make money playing this game. But... my values have shifted. I just feel that computer games are not for me anymore. In the same way I feel like photography is not for me anymore, even though I used to be a very active photographer in my teenage years. No matter how many times I tried to get back into photography, it just didn't stick with me for more than a few days. Gone are the days when I couldn't leave home without my Nikon camera. I can cry about it, or I can just accept the fact that the inspiration is gone. And it's gone for a good reason, perhaps. It might come back, but now it's gone, so I need to make peace with it. What's the point of chasing inspiration? It has to come naturally.

So ask yourself a question why you're trading. If you're doing it only for the sake of making money, you're probably doing it the wrong way and you won't last long. However, if you love the process of making money out of money, of studying, and of being right - you're on a good track.

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