Automated Investment Opportunity (LEIOS)

Jun 12, 2024

Today is exactly one year since I launched this trading robot, called LEIOS. It has achieved 23% equity growth with a maximum drawdown of 9% and 1719 trades total. Profit factor is 31 (gross profit divided by gross loss), win rate is 99%. 

This trading account is now available to investors. Minimum investment amount is 100 000 EUR, performance fee is 50%.

The benefit of automated trading system is that it acts with 100% consistency and cannot be affected by human emotions, which gives confidence to investors. The drawback is that its potential is smaller than what a human can achieve on a manual trading account, but it's still a nice return knowing that it's passive income.

This robot does not use any AI, it's an incredibly simple robot, but it's not a dumb one. The logic for it was created by my trading mentor who has 20 years of forex and 30 years of overall trading experience. Since I've built complicated trading robots in the past that didn't bring profit, I now know that the true mastery is to put 30 years of experience into a simple robot that takes two days to build.

This robot is proprietary, is not used by anyone else and is not for sale. Verified track record of this account is available on request.

This opportunity is available on first come, first served basis and the number of investors is limited. 

If interested, you can contact me at [email protected] or +370 630 90709.

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