18% profit in 8.5 months automated!

Mar 4, 2024

I wanted to share some information about a consistently profitable FX robot that I built and ran for the last 8.5 months. It generated 18% profit in equity so far with 9% maximum drawdown. It made 1445 trades and 31000 pips. It was also backtested over a 10 year period with 21 currency pairs simultaneously and showed a positive return with manageable drawdown even during a black swan event like the 2020 covid thing.

If you want to see its verified track record on MyFxBook, click here.

We will be putting real money into this robot soon and I'm inviting you to invest into a managed account run by this robot. Minimum investment amount is €100,000 and performance fee is 50% using equity high water mark terms. No signup nor management fees will be applied, and the total investment amount is capped at €2,500,000.

How did I build this robot? We had a call with my mentor in May 2023. He told me his idea for a new trading robot and asked if I'd be interested in putting it into code. I agreed, because I respect my mentor a lot, but I was also reluctant. Because I had spent 2 years trying to build a profitable robot and my mentor spent 20 years and we never achieved any reliable long term success with it. 

I've come to believe that successful robots are not possible because they can't think. Since we both trade the professional side of FX market, we know that the key to success is making sense of what's currently happening in the market. Robots can't do it because they can't think. I know AI is in the hype now, but AI trading robots can't think either.

So why does this robot work? Is it just random luck? No, its success is based on very specific reasons and we know those reasons are not eternal. But until it stops working, we can still make some extra money with it. I know that automated trading will never be as profitable as manual trading, but it still is a very interesting side activity. And for some it can be a way to completely live off of passive returns.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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